• Are you curious about what your symptoms are trying to tell you?
  • Do you wish you had more freedom of movement within yourself?
  • Would like to grow beyond the boundaries of your habitual self?
  • Has the frame within which you live and work become constricting?
  • Are you interested in leading your team or organisation more effectively?

We are all caught up in analysing how things are or how things should be through a fogged lens. This fog starts to create as soon as we are born, we are told how things are called, told what to do and what not to do, what to fear, we internalize other people’s opinions, views and as they cluster over the years it becomes very difficult to distinguish what is ours and what inherited.

Moving through life wearing a fogged lens we find ourselves falling into patterns, sometimes over and over again. To change the pattern and become free to make new choices, it is essential to reconnect with the place of disconnection, the place where we separated from the truth. The tool of constellations serves that purpose beautifully.

The purpose of constellations is:
We all form our own complex and multi layered constellations: family, friends, work, dreams, desires, fears…they all hold meaning and their own unique wisdom. Subconscious energy flows through all these systems.

This is an invitation to see yourself and the aspects that make your constellation for what they truly are. In a safe, supporting and encouraging environment you will be guided to tap into and reveal the meaning and the wisdom that your body-mind-heart hold. Once that is done, the active connection with the bigger picture is restored. With that the process of peeling the layers of our consciousness can unfold so that we can see and understand our own authentic reality.

All you need is:

  • the courage to look directly at something that makes you uneasy
  • the desire to grow
  • the ability to express in what way you feel blocked (the confidence that the process will unfold towards your healthy transformation is shared and borne by the constellation guide and the whole group)
  • the willingness to take responsibility for your own process

During the Masterclass you are invited to speak Dutch or English, which ever is the language of your preference.

More Information

This is a very unique opportunity to work with Lia for this discounted price. The price we offer is meant to cover only the expenses we have to organize this workshop. It will be the last one that Lia will give in this setting. From next year she is committing to longer and more in-depth programs.
Price: 135EUR excl. 21% tax
Subscription open until: 07th of December 2016
For subscription or further questions please send an e-mail toinfo@mensenbewegen.nl


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